Nové technické normy

Nové technické normy
17. 1. 2021 Poradna 64 zobrazení

Aktuální změny v oblasti technických norem.

ČSN EN 17396 (91 7833) Pružné podlahové krytiny - Křemenné vinylové dlaždice - Specifikace

- v angličtině, platí od února 2021

ANOTACE: This document specifies the characteristics of homogeneous quartz vinyl tiles based on polyvinyl chloride binder, quartz sand as a sole or partial filler, with or without a transparent, non-PVC factory finish and supplied in tile form. To encourage the consumer to make an informed choice, this document includes a classification system (see EN ISO 10874) based on intensity of use, which shows where these floor coverings will give satisfactory service. It also specifies requirements for marking.